Carlos, operations manager, disassembling a post consumer mattress for recycling.

About Us

The goal in our mattress recycling business is to provide a sustainable, fully functioning mattress recycling and box spring recycling enterprise that offers environmentally responsible alternatives for mattress disposal.  We want to provide mattress retailers, refuse collectors, governments, universities, hotel liquidators and the general public the opportunity to properly dispose of their post consumer mattress’s and box springs. We are intentional about offering redemptive employment opportunities for disenfranchised men and women in our community while making every effort to do our part to keep Colorado green through mattress recycling.  Recycling your mattress is easy and simple.  You can either drop off your end of life mattress or box spring at our warehouse located in Denver or schedule a home pick up, either way your bedding products will be fully recycled.

Why Mattress Recycling over Mattress Disposal

Mattress disposal negatively impacts the environment with 20-40 million mattresses being disposed of a year in the US, most of which end up in landfills.  By doing mattress recycling our goal is to reduce the number of mattresses that are thrown into landfills through our mattress recycling process.  We are able to break down a mattress into its individual components, then they are either recycled through a partnership or re-purposed.  At the same time we are employing disenfranchised men to continue to positively impact the Denver, Colorado community.  This gives these men the opportunity to re-establish themselves and strengthen their path to recovery and prosperity.  Please read this study from the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery on the impact of mattress disposal and how mattress recycling is part of the solution.  Mattress recycling is a small simple step everyone can take to help keep Colorado green and sustainable.

To see what we are doing with our mattress recycling by-product, please read the following article from Mile High Workshops about Springback Colorado’s up cycled dog beds.  Our goals is to make 95% of mattress bi-product recyclable.

More About Us

Our Mattress Recycling Process & Strategy

The concept of “Out of sight, Out of mind” mattress recycling must be re formatted to “How can I be a responsible steward of our local resources”. If we can divert mattresses disposals and box springs disposals from landfills through our mattress recycling enterprise we can develop financing to fund ministry based programs to serve these men on their road to self sufficiency.

Our strategy is to form partnerships with local non profits that offer life skills programs and employ their program candidates to systematically deconstruct mattresses and box springs while seeking mattress recycling partners that will help develop outlets for the non common bi products. The formation of partnerships in the non profit and recycling arena will allow for the development of innovative ways to process mattress waste that are not currently in practice.  As we continue to perfect the mattress recycling process, our efforts are aided by these partnerships.

At Spring Back Colorado it is our hope that the communities of Colorado will recognize the benefits and value of this opportunity by supporting our efforts through responsible fee based mattress disposal and box spring disposal.  This will assist in eliminating the unnecessary mattress disposal and box spring disposal in our local landfills while helping to develop a sound and sustainable program that will create new and innovative methods of mattress recycling and box spring recycling, while rebuilding the lives of men.

Our History

Spring Back Colorado is part of a network of Spring Back Recycling operations around the country. In the spring of 2011, Spring Back Recycling was born in Nashville, TN as a business plan developed by students on the Belmont University Enactus team.

With a mission of applying business models to social and environmental change, the students saw potential to reuse mattress materials and to employ those in need. The students brought their model to Isaiah 58, a local ministry that serves the formerly incarcerated, and, together, they built a successful pilot operation. A year later in May of 2012, we visited the mattress recycling facility and studied Spring Back Nashville’s business model and its application of mattress recycling.

Throughout our three day visit, we were deeply touched by the men that were involved in this mission and the heart they had for serving others while doing something responsible for their community. Upon returning to Colorado, we were awarded the first licensing agreement to begin our own Spring Back mattress recycling center serving the state of Colorado.

Over the course of 2 years we continue to increase our production in recycling mattresses and box springs. In our first month, we recycled 50 mattresses and box springs. We are now currently recycling over 2500 mattresses and box springs per month! Mattress recycling and box spring recycling is a key part in keeping Colorado green!



Partnerships & Programs


We would like to develop partnerships with local business’s, farmers markets, mattress retailers, universities and governmental agencies to establish local mattress and box spring drop off locations. Please contact us for additional information. We would like to further develop partnerships with recycling brokers to make our goal of 95% mattress recycling bi-product possible.



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Pick up service:

$15.00 a piece + $25.00 pick up fee

(pricing for Denver within inner boundaries of C&E 470, outside the loop $35.00)

Delivered to Spring Back Colorado:

$15.00 a piece


Monday, May 30th, 2016*

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*All mattresses for pick up must be at ground level, we are not insured to go into dwelling units and retrieve mattresses.

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